A Changed Man – Filmmaker David Lynch

changed manIn this video famous filmmaker David Lynch discusses how his practice of TM or transcendental meditation turned him into a changed man and transformed his consciousness.

If you aren’t familiar with David Lynch he had his hand in many strange movies and tv shows including Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive, Wild at Heart, Dune and the Elephant Man to name a few.  At his personal website, Lynch showcases his video series Dumbland among other short videos.

Is it possible that this meditation technique not only made him a changed man but was also responsible for some of his wildly strange and creative works?  Not only is it possible but Lynch himself directly attributes much of his creativity to his practice of TM.

In fact Lynch is such a fervent adherent of the practice of TM that he launched the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness Based Education and Peace in 2005.  The foundation provides scholarships for students interested in learning the meditation technique.

There have also been a couple of films made paying homage to Lynch’s Transcendental Meditation journey including 2010’s David Wants to Fly and 2011’s Beyond the Noise.

Recently at our Wealthvibes site we showcased a video featuring Oprah checking out the TM location in Iowa in which hundreds of TM adherents daily pray for world peace.

In the video above Lynch addresses an audience in Boston about how TM has opened up his creative juices and basically made him a changed man.  Do you want to become a changed man or woman and get your brain firing on all cylinders and your creative juices flowing?  Why not try to add meditation into your daily routine, be it TM or some other technique!

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