4 Secrets to Help You Live to 100

live_to_100Can you live to 100 years of age?   There are no guarantees but there are certain areas where living to 100 is not uncommon.  In the video above the researcher, Dan Buettner, author of the Blue Zones,  notes the attributes shared by those old timers living in these “blue zones.”

Now, while those in these Blue Zone areas known for their longevity share certain traits there are other traits that we in the west promote as being essential to living to 100 – like going to the gym, taking supplements, and eating low-carb diets.  As Buettner notes in the video those in the Blue Zones never do any of those!

What Buettner found was that there were 4 secrets that those who enjoyed great longevity shared.

1.  They ate plant based diets.  He also noted that they know how to spice them to make those plants taste good.   So, eat your veggies, and do so on a regular basis.

2.  They are social.  They enjoy eating and hanging out with friends and relatives on a regular basis.   So, get social – and that doesn’t mean just spending time on Facebook!

3.  They make down time everyday.  Whether it is time for prayer, meditation, tai chi, or even just a nap those folks take time everyday to spend on themselves.

4.  They live with a purpose.  He noted that for some it might only be developing a bigger vocabulary.  Whatever it is get yourself a reason for being.

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