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Brain Tricks Video
Here is an interesting video called Brain Tricks that shows a bit about how your brain works.  It discusses the two modes your brain goes into at various times - fast thinking and slow thinking.  As the video notes these two perceptions of thinking dictate much of our actions in life.   The video then shows a couple of illusions that trick your fast thinking brain into believing something that is [...]
110 Year Old’s Longevity Diet
What does this 110 year old man credit for his long life?  According to him, his longevity diet consists of eating organic fruits and vegetables every day along with avoiding red meat.  And, he cites 5 staples of his longevity diet that he says has helped keep him going strong through the years. What are the 5 main ingredients of his longevity diet? 1.  Garlic 2.  Cinnamon 3.  Honey 4. [...]
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