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New Brain Power Software Just Launched
An amazing new brain power software has just launched.  It is the all new and improved Subliminal Power 2 software.   This is the ultimate mind power software to program your brain to attract whatever you desire in your life. Use coupon code DJ8374SNBDS at checkout, and watch the price drop by $30... get the special while it is still available. Here's the code again: DJ8374SNBDS Successful [...]
A Child’s Brain Compared to the Internet
I came across an interesting video that compares the growth of the child's brain to the growth of the internet.  Not as farfetched as it may initially seem! The brain power video is called Brain Power:  From Neurons to Networks and was directed by Tiffany Shlain and her team at the Moxie Institute.   The film was made from a new crowd-sourcing technique called Cloud Filmmaking.   Essentially [...]
Wisdom of the Owl Video
Give your brain a boost by taking on the wisdom of the owl with our Wisdom of the Owl brain power video.   In line with some of our other power animal videos recently featured in our Wealthvibes bulletin and at our Brain Tipz site, this one encourages you to emulate and take on the proverbial wisdom of the owl.   Of course, the wisdom of the owl may be nothing more than myth but by tying the notion [...]
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