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Increase Your Creativity
There are a number of things you can do to increase your creativity.  We have created a video in which we have affirmation which encourage you to do some of those things that can increase your creativity.  For instance, below are a few of the affirmations for creativity that you'll find in the video: You become brilliant in the field of your choice. You are a master of study. You listen to classical [...]
20 Free Mind Power Gifts
The folks from mind power mp3 have a new limited time offer in which they are giving away for FREE 20 different meditation, music and mind power gifts.  Get em now while they are still available.  Wait til you see what they are giving away for FREE - truly remarkable offer! 20 FREE Gifts - Mind Power, Meditation, and Music!     Be sure to get all of your free mind power gifts [...]
Be a Winner Quotes
This new Be a Winner Quotes video trains your brain to be a winner.   It comes with two different levels of winning affirmations and quotations.  There is a surface layer and then a semi-subliminal layer of winner quotes.   The winning quotes that we used (usually shortened to form "winning" affirmations) come from John Madden, Zig Ziglar, David Ortiz, Paul Bryant, and Barbara Corcoran among others [...]
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