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The Success Pill – Fact or Fantasy?
In the movie Limitless the main character takes a smart pill or smart drug that can also be called a success pill because of the effects it has on the people that take it.  Watch the trailer for the movie Limitless above to see how it changed the life of one man. Like the mythical pill in the movie, there is now a pill called Provigil that some are touting as a real-life success pill.  Call it [...]
Be More Assertive Video
Want to be more assertive?  Now you can with our powerful Be More Assertive Affirmations video.  Filled with positive affirmations to help let you know that your opinion matters you'll get a quick confidence boost and be more prone to speaking up and standing up for yourself in any situation. The affirmations in the Be More Assertive video include the ones below: You are a force of one. You [...]
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