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25 Free Fun Brain Games
Here are 25 free fun brain games that you can play right now to help sharpen your brain!   The fun brain games found here vary from math brain games to word search games to puzzles to hangman games and more. Find some favorite fun brain games and play them often for fun and to keep your brain operating at a high level! Here then are 25 Free Fun Brain Games in no particular order! 1.  Play [...]
World Geography Quiz
Play this World Geography Quiz often to not only sharpen your mind but also improve your knowledge of world geography.   Learn the capitals of countries and more! To play just move your mouse to select the correct option.  Prior to playing wait for the ad to play then click the play game button in the lower right corner. Read the questions carefully in this world geography quiz and then click [...]
Laughter and the Brain
Laughter and the brain.  Have you ever wondered what the effects of laughter are on the brain and on your body in general?  Well, it is a well-accepted fact that laughter is great for your body and brain. For example, in an article in Psychology Today it was noted that those with a strong sense of humor become less stressed out and anxious compared with those without such a well-developed sense [...]
Pair Match Brain Game
In this brain game you do a pair match in this case the pair of items are different memes.  What is a meme?  A meme in regards to the internet is something, like a picture or a video that gains popularity and is spread through social networks and other viral memes. For instance, in the recent Olympics, McKayla Maroney, a U.S. gymnast, was photographed on the podium with a pouting face because [...]
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