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Three Brains Video
Check out this three brains video now!  Is this a video of a three-headed person that we are featuring today?   Actually, no.   However, it a great video of Joe Dispenza in a TED talk in Tacoma discussing the three brains we all have and how you can use them to override previous bad programming that is not serving you. As Dispenza notes we all have three brains that  allow us to go from thinking [...]
Number Sequence Game
Play this number sequence game to help sharpen your brain.  This math brain game seems to be on the easy side but good to give your mind a quick boost.    The object is to solve as many number sequences as you can in under a minute.    To clear a wrong answer hit the space bar.   After the minute is up the game will show your score.   Then try to beat your score by playing again.  To play this [...]
Smart Child Solves Rubik’s Cube in Minutes
Watch this smart child, just 3-years-old, solve a rubik's cube in just 3 minutes.   This smart child video is in Chinese but don't let that deter you from watching this brilliant kid in action.  I remember the rubik's cube craze when I was younger.  I also remember not being particularly adept at it lol.  Maybe that is why I enjoy watching this kid in action.   Even if it does appear this little [...]
Ultimate Mind Music Video
This Ultimate Mind Music video comes courtesy of the folks from MindPowermp3.   The music in the mind power audios that they offer is clean, crisp and energizing.  Watch and listen to this Ultimate Mind Music video and enjoy the relaxing, powerful sounds of ultimate mind music! To check out the soothing sounds of ultimate mind music mixed with brain power entrainment frequencies and positive affirmations [...]
Driverless Cars and Thought Powered Cars
Scientists are working on programs to use the power of our thoughts to actually drive automobiles.   The video above features the latest in technology in which our thoughts are used to direct a vehicle.  However, while the technology is seemingly in its infancy, the real car of the future may not require our thoughts at all.   In fact, the Google has developed driverless cars that have already logged [...]
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