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Real Cyborgs Among Us
Are there real cyborgs among us?  When you see these featured cyborg men and their cyborg devices you will be a believer in the coming of the cyborgs.  Not only are the cyborgs coming but they are already among us! We recently featured a post on the latest greatest humanlike robots.  Those were interesting and scary.  In that case tech starts with a totally computerized being and try to work [...]
10 Magic Illusions in Just 5 Minutes
In this popular video Dutch illusionist Hans Klok races the clock to perform 10 magic illusions in just 5 minutes! If you are like me you are probably constantly looking to see how he does it.  I know a fair bit of mystery has been lifted with many of those shows that expose magicians tricks but this Mr. Klok is fast and some of these magic illusions are still real mind benders. So why not sit [...]
Word Searches
If word searches are your thing you should enjoy this game that is actually many word search games in one.   This word game actually contains over 200 word searches that you can play! To begin the action wait for the "play game" icon to load in the lower right corner while the commercial plays.   Just click the play game icon then choose the game category you want to do word searches in. How [...]
Humanlike Robots
These videos feature some amazing humanlike robots.   As technology advances the advances in robotic engineering should be spectacular.   As you watch these videos featuring the humanlike robots ask yourself if one day they might approach the level of thinking and problem solving of our own brains.   Just watching the video above of one of the humanlike robots known as Philip Dick Android it is [...]
Brain Booster Game
This brain booster game called surpisingly enough "brain booster" tests your agility and concentration.   You simply use the left and right arrow keys on your computer to try and keep the ball balanced.  It is harder than it looks.  I mean it looks easy and a bit ridiculous but see how long you can go for! Wait for the advertisement to play as the game loads then hit the play game button in the [...]
Brain Audio Ebook
At our Tradebit store we have the Brain Gain brain audio ebook on sale.   The brain audio ebook comes in both mp3 format if you want to listen to it or pdf if you prefer to read it.   The Brain Gain ebook was designed to tell you about the brain and give you tips to enhance your brain power.  This particular brain power product also comes with private label and master resell rights which allows [...]
Free Brain Entrainment Video with Nature Scenes
Okay, I almost didn't post this free brain entrainment video because the sound didn't come out exactly like I wanted it to.  You'll definitely want to use headphones for the sound.  Not because of the brainwave entrainment - the isochronic tones included here don't require it - but rather because it is easier to hear the background music. This free brain entrainment video comes with isochronic [...]
A Changed Man – Filmmaker David Lynch
In this video famous filmmaker David Lynch discusses how his practice of TM or transcendental meditation turned him into a changed man and transformed his consciousness. If you aren't familiar with David Lynch he had his hand in many strange movies and tv shows including Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive, Wild at Heart, Dune and the Elephant Man to name a few.  At his personal website, Lynch [...]
Brain Meditation with Isochronic Tones
Here is a brain meditation video with isochronic tones in the alpha range to put you in a light meditative state.  This brain meditation video comes with a trippy cosmic space music background with spacey video clips ideal for transporting you into another dimension! Because the brainwave frequencies in this brain meditation are isochronic tones you don't need headphones, however  I always think [...]
How to Get Peace of Mind
Do you want to know how to get peace of mind?  One way is to watch our Peace of Mind video.  It is filled with powerful positive affirmations to help ease and relax you.    Our Peace of Mind video also has a relaxing soundtrack and soothing video clips of oceans, beaches and forests. The affirmations to help soothe your mind in this video include the following: Peace of mind is yours. Know [...]
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