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Memory Affirmations Video
Give your mind and memory a boost with this memory affirmations video.   This video designed to develop your memory is filled with positive power affirmations that will help you concentrate and focus on remembering names, faces, people, places, things and all sorts of information. The memory affirmations in this brain power video include the ones below: You have a photographic memory. You have [...]
Hypnosis for Memory
Want to improve your memory?  Try these hypnosis for memory improvement videos to program your subconscious and conscious mind to be more observant and have a better memory.   Now, the video above is by Jake Rhodes, who sound a lot like the hypnotic voice behind the Hypnobusters Deep Relaxation hypnosis video we featured at Wealthvibes awhile back. The hypnosis for memory video we feature below [...]
Mind Test
Test your math skills with this math mind test.   In this math mind test called Rapidmath your objective is to solve as many math problems as you can within 10 seconds.   You receive a time bonus for each correct answer.  If you get 10 in a row correct the countdown will then restart. An ad will run to start the game but just wait til the box in the lower right corner fills and then press that [...]
Can “This” Reverse Brain Damage?
Can 'this" reverse brain damage?   Watch the above video to see how one man's debilitating battle with severe brain damage was treated.  Then judge for yourself whether the treatment used was effectively able to reverse brain damage. This video tells the story of Dan Greathouse, born in Portales, New Mexico, who while studying to be a teacher saw a sign advertising scuba diving lessons.  It sounded [...]
Learn from the Memory Champ
Watch the memory champ show his stuff on this tv show anchored by Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez. Ron White won the 2009 and 2010 USA memory championship.  How long does it take for him to memorize a deck of shuffled cards?  Would you believe 1 minute 27 seconds? In this video memory champ White memorizes a bunch of numbers and a full deck of cards. White, who also announced a run for [...]
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