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Free Brain Game – Match 3
This free brain game is called 3 match.   Be forewarned, this brain game can be addicting to play! Once the ad finishes playing click the "play game" button in the lower right corner.   At that point the instructions for the game will show up. How do you play this 3 match brain game?   Click on two pieces to swap them.   Swaps must create a matching set of three-in-a-row, horizontally or [...]
This is Your Brain on the Internet
This is your brain.  This is your brain on the internet.    You probably remember the old saying "this is your brain" and "this is your brain on drugs" with a video of eggs frying.   So, will the internet fry your brain just as drugs  supposedly do?   Well, as you'll see in this featured video there are some addicting aspects to the internet (if you haven't already experienced them yourself), [...]
Memory Game
This memory game called Memory Tap allows you to test your memory by trying to duplicate the pattern put out by the game.  It starts slow by giving you just one color to repeat, but increases by one everytime.  See how high you can go. One tip to improve your memory with this memory game is to use the first letter of the color chosen instead of trying to remember the full name of the color. When [...]
Mind Science Video
The original mind science video we featured on this page was removed by the user but we've replaced it with a mind science video featuring Dan Rather talking about the new science of neuro plasticity among other things.  Rather examines the connection between the brain and the mind and works with the Dalai Lama and some Tibetan monks. This particular mind science video is the first of six parts. [...]
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