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Mind Voyage
This Mind Voyage video features brainwave entrainment frequencies known as isochronic tones as well as powerful affirmations to boost your mind power and take you on a wonderful mind voyage or journey. This mind voyage video contains power affirmations geared toward expanding your mind by meditating more regularly as well as flowing with wisdom, light and love.   Affirmations include the ones below: You [...]
Sudoku Trick
Today's post features a quick download and read that gives you a neat Sudoku trick that was recently performed by Derren Brown the famous mentalist.  It comes from the creators of the Killer Mentalism program that allows you to learn a variety of other similar tricks. Now this isn't going to give you a Sudoku trick that you can use to solve Sudoku puzzles but rather a Sudoku trick that you can [...]
Math Magician Demonstrates Genius Ability
Watch math magician Arthur Benjamin demonstrate his genius ability in this brain power video.   Benjamin was presenting at the TED talks, where leading thinkers give an inspiring 18 minute talk.  This video definitely showcases Benjamin's genius ability.  He likes to refer to himself as a Mathamagician and it's no idle boast.  Prepare to be amazed by his mathematical prowess! Benjamin starts [...]
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