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Classical Music for Learning and Contemplation with Brainwave Entrainment
Here is a very soothing video featuring classical music for learning and contemplation along with brainwave entrainment frequencies for easier learning.   This brain power video was designed for "peace" of mind with incorporated brainwave frequencies to help stimulate contemplation and profound thinking as well! This classical music for learning video includes a baroque oboe concerto by Albinoni, [...]
What is One Secret to Learning?
What is one secret to learning?  Tony Robbins spells it out in the video above.  It is the process of using a strategy.    Here Tony talks about not just learning in the limited extent to classroom learning but to learning in life and how to have a strategy to succeed in life! As Robbins explains in his video in order to compete in the world today the more you know the better off you are.  With [...]
Find That Band Word Game
Can you find that band in this word game?  The faster you are the higher your score in this word game in which you find the name of the band listed on the right in the word puzzle on the left.    You simply press on a letter and drag to highlight the word you're looking for in this find that band word game. The faster you are the higher your score so try to find all the band names as quickly [...]
Funny Brains – Women’s Brains vs. Men’s Brains
I don't know how much if any actual knowledge of the brain is added by way of this video, but the notion that men and women think differently and access different parts of their brains is not new. Marriage expert Mark Gungor gives a humorous explanation of the difference in the way men and women use their brains in this funny brain video highlighting women's brains vs. men's brains - a tale of two [...]
Study Reveals Best Diet for the Brain
A recent Oregon study reveals what could be the best diet for the brain.   What were the foods to eat and not to eat for brain and mental health? FOODS NOT TO EAT The Oregon study singled out trans fat as the item you should avoid to prevent brain shrinkage and loss of mental sharpness.  What items contain a lot of trans fat?   Well, if you are a french fry fan like myself those hot salty delicacies [...]
Happiness and Joy Video with Brainwave Entrainment
This Happiness and Joy Video with Brainwave Entrainment comes from the MP3 Mind Power folks.   The brainwave entrainment frequencies are in three different ranges and blended together.  The brainwave entrainment frequency ranges used include one used to generate feelings of elation and euphoria, one for feelings of unity, and one for healing. This Happiness and Joy Video features a really upbeat [...]
Interesting Effects of Meditation on the Brain
A recent article pointed out some of the interesting effects of meditation on the brain.  These effects of meditation on the brain are summarized in the video above. Essentially, a recent study suggests that meditating for just a half hour a day can actually transform the makeup of the brain. A New York Times blog article reviewed an eight week study that followed a group that meditated for [...]
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