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New Years Flower Jigsaw Puzzle
This brain game is a Chinese New Years Flower Jigsaw puzzle.  The flower jigsaw puzzle can be played at 5 different difficulty levels.  Play the easier ones first then move your way up!   The faster you put the jigsaw pieces together the higher your score! The simplest difficulty level has just 9 pieces to put together while the most difficult has 225 rotating pieces!   Why not try your hand [...]
Breath Exercise for Stress Relief
Stress releases cortisol into the body and may cause short and long term damage to the brain.  One of the best ways to keep the brain running smoothly is to do a breath exercise for stress relief.  The video above highlights the benefits of doing a breath exercise in regards to maintaining healthy brain functioning. Keep in mind that there many different breathing exercises that one can do.  Carrying [...]
The Weird Brain Wave Vibration Exercise
This brain exercise looks weird.  Called the Brain Wave Vibration it basically involves gently rolling your head back and forth in a rhythmic motion.  At first glance I thought, "well this looks ridiculous!"  However, I decided to give it a try.   There was a slight dizziness at first but after a minute or two it started to feel really relaxing.   I may give this brain exercise a more thorough [...]
Word Search Game for Your Brain
Today's post features a word search game for your brain called Wordsnake. This is a fun brain game that has you finding the most words you can in the shortest amount of time.  You have a certain amount of time to find as many words you can in the grid.   As you find the words in this word search game you level up as you beat the clock. Simple instructions for this word search game are as follows: You [...]
1 Quick Brain Trick to Boost Your Brain Power
The video above comes courtesy of "the education lady" and contains 1 quick brain trick to boost your brain power. The brain trick featured in the brain power video reminds me of an old Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza felt he was in a rut in life and that nothing was really working like he wanted it to.  He then made the decision that he was going to "do the opposite" of what he normally [...]
Holiday Brain Game – Wordy Winter
This holiday brain game is called Wordy Winter.  It features good old Santa and his reindeer throwing presents into a chimney. The object of this holiday brain game is to guess whether the word presented is a noun, verb or adjective.    Each part of the sentence structure is represented by a different colored present.  You use the arrows to choose the present that corresponds to the right part [...]
A Bright Idea for a SAD Condition
Do you have a SAD condition?   By SAD condition I'm referring to the condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.  If so, we've got a bright idea for a SAD condition, literally. SAD seeems to be most prominent in the winter months as it gets darker earlier and stays darker longer.   At this time many folks report increased sypmptoms of depression.  However, if you read the wikipedia [...]
The Shumann Resonance – the Earth’s Heartbeat?
Is the Shumann Resonance the earth's heartbeat?   Some have laebelled it so. The Shumann Resonance is a sound tone measured at 7.8 hz.  The Shuman Resonances are global electromagnetic resonances. Claims have been made that listening to this frequency may be beneficial to one's health.  One reported study claimed that blood pressure was lowered when listening to this frequency. The Shumann [...]
Math Brain Game – Math Genie
Here is an addicting math brain game called "maths genie."  You are given math problems one after the other.  Get the problem correct and you get more time added, miss it and time is subtracted from the total amount of time you have to solve these math problems. Enjoy and Good Luck!   Hope you enjoyed this math brain game!   Remember, the more you play the sharper you get!
Vocabulary Brain Game
Here is a vocabulary brain game in which you match the word on the left with it's definition on the right.  Just click on the word on the left then choose the best answer out of the words on the right.  When you are finished just click the answer button and you'll be taken to the answer page where it shows you how you did with this particular vocabulary brain game.  Just back click to return here [...]
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