10 Memory Secrets

memory secrets

10 Memory Secrets

Looking for some memory secrets?   The brain power video featured in this post gives you 10 memory secrets that you can use to start boosting your ability to remember people, places and things.   Not only that but it comes with Mozart Effect music as the background music.  Double bang for your buck!

Memory secrets included in this brain power video include the following:

1.  Drink alcohol in moderation.   Drinking alcohol in moderation could actually sharpen your memory.  However, overdo it and your memory may fog over.

2.  If you suffer with depression get help for it.   As we’ve noticed in other posts and videos here on Brainsngames, depression and stress causes the body to emit high levels of cortisol in the brain which can negatively effect your brain health.

3.  Exercise to boost your brain power.   Exercise increases oxygen levels in the brain to give your brain a beneficial boost.

4.  Use visualization and association to help you remember lists and other things.   Flying pigs anyone… Okay you have to watch the video for that one.

5.  How much time do you need to transfer something from your short term memory to your long term memory?   Just 8 seconds will do the trick so concentrate and focus.

6.  Quick trick to learn someone’s name.   When you meet another person try to repeat their name back to them right after meeting them.   One trick that I like to do is to write their name down on a piece of paper after meeting them with some pertinent info on who they are, what they do, etc…  If you can associate their name with some facial feature that could help you remember their name as well.

7.  Use “chunking” to remember long numbers or series of words.   Break down the items in manageable chunks.  The example given in the video is to break down a 12 digit number into chunks of 3 or 4.

8.  Loci Method –  Use a familiar location to link info.  For instance, I have a memory course in which I was taught to place items to be memorized into certain areas of my house.  Then as I went from room to room I could pick out the item in that room and could then remember it easier.

9.   Use whatever is at hand to remind you of something.  The example given in the memory secrets video is to switch a watch from one hand to the other or switch a ring from one hand to the other to remember something.  I know folks who wear a rubber band and then snap it on their wrist to help them remember something.   (Hey, I didn’t say their couldn’t be some pain in learning something new!)

10.   Practice makes perfect.   Try to learn something new everyday.  Keep testing and stretching yourself mentally.   Keep connecting those neurons!

Hope you enjoyed these memory secrets and that you remember to use them!   If you are looking for a memory improvement program visit here:     Memory Improvement Program

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