1 Quick Brain Trick to Boost Your Brain Power

Brain Trick to Boost Your Brain PowerThe video above comes courtesy of “the education lady” and contains 1 quick brain trick to boost your brain power.

The brain trick featured in the brain power video reminds me of an old Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza felt he was in a rut in life and that nothing was really working like he wanted it to.  He then made the decision that he was going to “do the opposite” of what he normally would do.  George ordered a different meal at the diner and then proceeded to start doing things and taking chances that he normally wouldn’t take.  Suddenly a whole new world of opportunities opened themselves up to him.  It was funny but telling at the same time and something worth trying for yourself to see what changes might occur in your own life.

That’s what this brain power video does.  It gets the neurons in your brain forging new pathways as you do a simple task that you do everyday in a different way.  What is the task?   The simple task is brushing your teeth and the way you turn it into a brain power exercise is to simply brush your teeth with your non dominant hand.  For instance, if you are used to brushing your teeth with your right hand, then use your left.

This particular brain trick to boost your brain power can be applied in other areas as well.  If you normally vacuum with your right hand try your left.  Some switch ups you might want to avoid, though, would be hammering a nail lol.

Anyway, switching things up in different areas of your life is not only a brain power strategy but a “life strategy.”  Why not try something different today and see if it makes a difference?

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