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Puzzle Magic by David Kwong
David Kwong shows some real puzzle magic to a perplexed and ultimately delighted audience! This puzzle magician invites audience members to participate and help him construct his puzzle which he then solves with an included embedded secret as well!
Brain Exercises from Brain Gym – the Exercises and the Debate
Here is a video that shows a teacher demonstrating some of the brain exercises from Brain Gym.   These are light hand eye coordination type physical exercises that many school kids have done prior to beginning certain schoolwork topics.   The exercises are simple and were developed based on the work of Paul Dennison.    The Brain Gym program began with Dennison’s work as a teacher and reading [...]
Word Rage Word Scramble Brain Game
Okay, this word scramble brain game is addictive.  I went looking for a good brain game to feature here today and almost didn't post this because I couldn't stop playing! Anyway, this word scramble brain game is called Word Rage.  The object of the game is to make words out of the scrambled word they give you.  The more words you make the more points you make.  There is also a rage word which [...]
How to Think Clearly – About Nothing
This post features a video about how to think clearly - about nothing.   Ok, the video is actually about the effects that alcohol has on your brain.  However, one of the effects as you'll see is that alcohol enables you to think clearly.  Unfortunately, the clear thinking comes at a price, is not sustainable and as the video points out is most likely focused on nothing! As the video shows, alcohol [...]
Brain Tricks Video
Here is an interesting video called Brain Tricks that shows a bit about how your brain works.  It discusses the two modes your brain goes into at various times - fast thinking and slow thinking.  As the video notes these two perceptions of thinking dictate much of our actions in life.   The video then shows a couple of illusions that trick your fast thinking brain into believing something that is [...]
110 Year Old’s Longevity Diet
What does this 110 year old man credit for his long life?  According to him, his longevity diet consists of eating organic fruits and vegetables every day along with avoiding red meat.  And, he cites 5 staples of his longevity diet that he says has helped keep him going strong through the years. What are the 5 main ingredients of his longevity diet? 1.  Garlic 2.  Cinnamon 3.  Honey 4. [...]
A Child’s Brain Compared to the Internet
I came across an interesting video that compares the growth of the child's brain to the growth of the internet.  Not as farfetched as it may initially seem! The brain power video is called Brain Power:  From Neurons to Networks and was directed by Tiffany Shlain and her team at the Moxie Institute.   The film was made from a new crowd-sourcing technique called Cloud Filmmaking.   Essentially [...]
Wisdom of the Owl Video
Give your brain a boost by taking on the wisdom of the owl with our Wisdom of the Owl brain power video.   In line with some of our other power animal videos recently featured in our Wealthvibes bulletin and at our Brain Tipz site, this one encourages you to emulate and take on the proverbial wisdom of the owl.   Of course, the wisdom of the owl may be nothing more than myth but by tying the notion [...]
Increase Your Creativity
There are a number of things you can do to increase your creativity.  We have created a video in which we have affirmation which encourage you to do some of those things that can increase your creativity.  For instance, below are a few of the affirmations for creativity that you'll find in the video: You become brilliant in the field of your choice. You are a master of study. You listen to classical [...]
20 Free Mind Power Gifts
The folks from mind power mp3 have a new limited time offer in which they are giving away for FREE 20 different meditation, music and mind power gifts.  Get em now while they are still available.  Wait til you see what they are giving away for FREE - truly remarkable offer! 20 FREE Gifts - Mind Power, Meditation, and Music!     Be sure to get all of your free mind power gifts [...]
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